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About HTS Voice & Data Systems

In August 1876, Alexander Graham Bell changed the way people communicate when he placed the first telephone call in front of an audience of amazed onlookers. Over a century later, in the summer of 1986, HTS Voice & Data Systems was founded with the goal of helping San Antonio's small and medium sized businesses improve communications by providing business telephone system solutions. With decades of shared experience by our founding partners, we quickly rose to the top; by 1989 we were being recognized nationally in Teleconnect Magazine as a Top 100 Interconnect and by the San Antonio Business Journal as the Largest Telephone Systems Dealer in San Antonio.

We were recognized nationally by Hispanic Magazine as a Fastest Growing Hispanic Company and by the San Antonio Business Journal as a Fastest Growing Company, Hispanic or otherwise. We received awards for our service by the US Department of Commerce, Small Business Commerce Association and South Central Regional Certification Agency.

Business telephone systems are where we started; but helping businesses improve their communications was the centerpiece of our business.

And in 1996 the most first significant piece of legislation for the way businesses communicate since 1934 was signed by President Bill Clinton. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was the first time the Internet was included in broadcasting and spectrum allotment, essentially resulting in what has been a domino effect for the last two decades and beyond. During this period HTS stayed at the forefront of that movement and true to helping businesses improve their communications, even before the ink was dry on the document, we had already hired our first IT professional, a recent Information Systems graduate from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Over the next five years, we continued to advance our teams knowledge and understanding of computers and computer networking and employed a team of Converged Telephony Professionals that in addition to their telephone system certifications had both Microsoft and Cisco certifications.

In 2005, we acquired one of the San Antonio Business Journal's Largest Computer Service Companies. With the acquisition, we added Microsoft, Dell, HP, Xerox and SonicWall to our list of business telephone systems partners and became one of the largest technology providers in San Antonio and found ourselves at the Top of List for Telephone Systems Dealers, Computer Hardware and Software Dealers and Computer Service and Repair in the Book of List published by the San Antonio Business Journal.

At HTS, we feel that just because you are a small or medium sized business doesn't mean you don't need or deserve enterprise solutions. To achieve this, we seek technology partners that have enterprise class solutions, that can scale to meet the needs and budgets of Main Street USA!

Business communications is more than what we do, it's who we are; and it's not about technology, it's about people and working together.

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Contact us today, because when it comes to communications you can't afford to compromise on technology. You also can't afford to spend a lot of time and effort selecting, configuring, and managing a complex, patchwork system of hardware, software, and vendors.

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