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Business Telephone Systems

For over 30 years HTS Voice & Data Systems has been the San Antonio leader in business telephone systems. While other companies have come, and gone or refused to stay relevant with today's everchanging voice solutions, HTS has emerged as a leader in today's converged VoIP landscape.

For the customer that is looking to move, service or expand on their existing business telephone system, with over 30 years of experience HTS can service your legacy Toshiba, Mitel, NEC/Nitsuko, Intertel/Premier, Lucent/Avaya, Nortel and Samsung business telephone system.

If you are looking to replace your legacy system or need a cost-effective solution, but are not ready for 100% VoIP, but want the option to evolve to VoIP later; HTS offers the Toshiba CIX40/100/670 and NEC SL1100 and SL2100 Digital/IP Hybrid Business Telephone Systems.

If you are ready for a full IP unified communications solution, look no further than Toshiba's IPEdge and Mitel MiVoice Suite of premise based unified communications solutions or one of our hosted cloud based solutions.

Toshiba Strata CIX Business IP Phones

Toshiba Power of Choice Offering Communications Your Way

We are at the forefront — delivering flexibility and investment protection with a proven range of cloud unified communication services, hybrid cloud and on-premise business telephony solutions.

Based on a common software stream, you use the same phones and endpoints, the same feature-rich functionality and the same administration software regardless if your Toshiba system is on-site or in the cloud. It's The Power of Choice. Your choice.

The power of choice means you can expand on demand. Grow your on-site phone system by integrating any other server from the Toshiba portfolio. Add lines of VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution and integrate them into one network. Or, start with the VIPedge solution, and when the business case is right, migrate to Toshiba's on-site IPedge system, while reusing your Toshiba equipment.

In the Cloud or on-site. Pure IP or IP and digital. The choice is yours.

NEC SL1100 Powerful Communications for Small Business

Powerful communications for a small business budget — SL1100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored to an individual's role. This customization enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, no matter their location.

“ Tailor communications to an individual's role for enhanced efficiency and productivity. “

NEC SL1100 Phone System
NEC SL2100 Phone System

THE SL2100 Communications System with Built-in Brilliance

The way we do business and the way we communicate is changing rapidly. Mobility has become the norm. Customer expectations have soared and budgets have shrunk. The SL2100 galvanizes your team. In turn, it creates a positive customer experience that generates repeat business.

Your business can't afford downtime and nor can your communications. The SL2100 provides a reliable, 'always on' solution. There's less hardware, less licenses and less maintenance to worry about.

Mitel MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business is a business communication platform that delivers voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and applications

"Do more with less" has become the mantra of many businesses today. At the same time, IT organizations are striving to focus on more strategic objectives that drive competitive advantage and tangible value for their business.

Mitel's MiVoice unified communications platforms were designed to address your business's communications needs, no matter what size your business is and to provide your business with the tools for improving employee productivity and business efficiency, so that you can expect a tangible return on your communications investment

MiVoice Business Communication Platform
A hand holding a Cloud Paper Cutout against a light blue background, with a real cloud floating by in the corner

Hosted Cloud Telephone Solutions

The cloud and mobile devices has changed the way businesses communicate and stay connected with their customers and co-workers. More and more businesses have adopted work where you are, not where you work mentality. According to a 2015 Gallup Report 37% of US workers telecommute, which is four-times greater than the 9% found in 1995 and cloud based unified communications is a big reason why. HTS can help your business decide the best cloud voice solution for your organization.

Contact Center Solutions Achieve First Call Resolution

Looking to improve your customer's experience and expedite callers to the right person. Talk to your HTS representative about how your business telephone system can help your business achieve first call resolution with a Contact Center Solution from Toshiba and Mitel.

A phone headset, with its mic pointing forward, laying across a white computer keyboard
Task Essentials Call Management Screen

Call Recording & Accounting

Improving customer service and worker effectiveness has no greater equal on your bottom-line. A solid call recording and call accounting system gives you the tools to reach your goals quicker.

Unlock the full potential of your customer experience with valuable insights and staff evaluations tools as part of a Call Recording Solution from Mitel. MiVoice Call Recording solution is uniquely designed to improve, optimize and protect your business for your Mitel Communications Platforms.

For 29 years, Oak Systems International have been creating advanced telecoms solutions for companies across the globe. The OakSI Clarify call recording system is designed for compliance and training. Fully integrated with both Mitel and Toshiba business phone systems and trunk side recording offers call recording, call logging, screen recording, agent evaluation and speech analytics.

If you are looking to track calls, measure staff productivity and make sure you are getting the most out of our organization then the right call accounting system is what you need. Speak to an HTS representative to discuss the right option for your communications platform and business. You can choose from the Mitel MiVoice Analytics, OakSI Report, Taske Essentials or Ultimate Call Accounting.

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Contact us today, because when it comes to communications you can't afford to compromise on technology. You also can't afford to spend a lot of time and effort selecting, configuring, and managing a complex, patchwork system of hardware, software, and vendors.

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