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Cloud Solutions Improve Productivity for Your Remote Workforce

July 19th, 2020 by admin

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Now that businesses have moved to remote work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, they need to ensure that their employees have all of the tools they need to be as productive as they were in the office. One of the ways businesses can supply the necessary tools is by switching to a virtual desktop service. Virtual desktops act like the computers that your employees used while in the office, except that they are hosted in the cloud, and all of the data is stored in the cloud as well. This service offers many benefits to your business, from increased productivity to increased business continuity.

Increased Security

One of the issues of working remotely is cybersecurity. Employees may use their own devices for work purposes, and those devices may be infected with viruses or malware. Once that device connects to your network, all of your data becomes vulnerable. With a virtual desktop, your employees log into a virtual machine that is hosted in the cloud. This allows for a highly secure environment that is resilient to any intrusions.

Increased Productivity

Since your employees will have access to their work environment while at home, they will have access to their tools and applications. Having access to those tools will help them be efficient and productive while adjusting to working from home.

Increased Business Continuity

Many businesses had to rush to get employees set up to work remotely. This left them playing catch up, but a virtual desktop would have allowed a seamless transition. Additionally, since all of your data and applications are stored in the cloud, if something were to happen to your place of business, there would be no interruption in productivity. Your employees would be able to work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Reduced Cost

When you host your data in the cloud, you no longer need to pay for your server room's cooling or the power it takes to keep your servers operational. Additionally, you can downsize your office space since you will no longer need on-premise servers. And if your business decides to stay remote full-time, you can eliminate the office space costs. With budgets tight due to the pandemic, any cost savings can be a difference-maker for your business.

At HTS Voice & Data Systems, we offer solutions that will empower your company and assist in your business's continued growth. Our cloud solutions will benefit your business by allowing your employees to work efficiently from home, reduce costs, and increase your business continuity. Contact us today to learn more!

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