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Why Your Business Needs Call Accounting

April 21st, 2019 by admin

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At HTS Voice and Data Systems, we offer call accounting and reporting solutions that improve overall customer satisfaction and staff effectiveness. Every telecommunication business, whether big or small, needs a proper call accounting and reporting system. The benefits include savings in operational costs, keeps data organized, and improved work practices for your staff - all of which increase customer satisfaction.

What is call accounting? Our web-based call accounting systems record and track both outbound and inbound calls as they come in. The metrics include time of the call, duration, location or origin, and allows staff to compose notes based on their conversation. These elements are saved, stored, and can be retrieved at any time for reference by the team.

In addition to improving overall staff efficiency, call accounting and recording also helps your business manage its operational costs and security. By keeping a record of the calls that come in and out daily, you have better control over where and how operational costs should be spent, and you can also monitor network usages and security threats.

AT HTS Voice and Data Systems, we offer call reporting software with innovative features like:

  • MiVoice call recording solution from Mitel that includes a uniquely designed interface proven to maximize customer satisfaction and improve overall company productivity.
  • The OakSI Clarify call reporting system optimized for training and compliance from Oak Systems International. With features like call logging, screen recording, speech analytics and more, this call reporting system seamlessly integrates with both Toshiba and Mitel phone systems.
  • Task call management software, which utilizes a call flow visualizer that acts as a training tool to improve how calls should be handled. Also an excellent software for dispute resolution.

Ready to improve your business? Get connected with a call reporting system and instantly enhance the way your business functions.

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