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4 Reasons Business Telephone Systems Are Still Relevant for Consumer-Facing Companies

June 2nd, 2021 by admin

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The last two decades have been revolutionary in terms of how connectivity has evolved. The internet has picked up tremendous steam, and mobile phones have become a staple gadget. The combination of the internet and phone has exponentially improved the connectivity in every sense of the word — from text to voice and video.

These developments have made conventional landline phones redundant for many. However, we have to make a distinction here between an individual user and a business. For individuals, landline phones might seem unnecessary. For companies, business phone systems are as relevant and important as they were two decades ago.

Here are some reasons why business telephone systems are still relevant, particularly for companies with extensive consumer-facing operations.

1. Phone Offers an Urgent Means of Communication

The real-time correspondence of phones still makes them a central component of the communication infrastructure of any business. Customers still resort to phone calls when they want an urgent resolution of an issue. Even in B2B operations, business phone systems ensure that two enterprises remain in touch in real-time and with person-to-person interaction.

The phone is also a better option for communication for urgent resolutions because it doesn’t entail the back and forth of an email. In contrast to email exchanges that often span multiple days, a business and customer can reach the common ground on a call within a couple of minutes.

2. Not Every Consumer Is Using the Internet All the Time

There are still a significant number of consumers that don’t use social media, email, or chatbots to reach out to businesses. They still prefer to talk to a person on the phone for their queries and complaints.

3. Phone Improves the Credibility Quotient of a Business

When a business offers the ability to connect over the phone to its consumers, it reassures new consumers that there is an immediate point of contact in case anything goes wrong. This reassurance distills into improving the credibility of the business.

4. Phone Helps in Establishing Better Relationships with Consumers

Every business, no matter what products or services it sells or how big or small, strives to build better customer relationships. This helps with customer retention that leads to the consolidation of revenue. With a robust phone system in place, a business can work on improving its customer relationship management.

  • Customer support via phone adds a human/personal touch to the correspondence. Customers are more likely to give positive feedback on the help they receive via call.
  • One-on-one conversation is the most effective way to cool down frustrated, angry customers and stop them from leaving.
  • There is room for misinterpretation while corresponding on social media or email. For instance, people can’t always pick the “tone” of each other. Therefore, a reply to an email or direct message can appear rude to a customer even if it is not. With phone calls, such misinterpretations and miscommunications don’t take place.

If you need business phone systems in the San Antonio area for your consumer-facing operations, get in touch with HTS Voice & Data Systems. Whether you need a legacy, VoIP, or hybrid business phone system, HTS can help you find the right solution.

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