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The Impeccable Firewall Services by HTS Which Ensure Cyber Security for Your Company

July 12th, 2022 by admin

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One of the main concerns of today's technological era is the breach of security. While the world has massively advanced when it comes to newer software and high-efficient advancements, the threats of cyber-security remain real.

HTS understands this entirely and is working towards offering businesses a fool-proof security system. If you are a business that doesn't understand why a cyber-security system might benefit you, we will help you know some of its benefits.

Why Every Company Needs a Fool-Proof Security System?

Cybercrimes are constantly increasing, and no business is fully secured from them. While you might think that a small company is less at risk of getting attacked than a larger firm, you are mistaken.

According to statistics, smaller companies are more prone to attack because they lack the security infrastructure. Hence, a big or small firm should avail of the following advantages of a cyber-security system.

1. Improves Productivity

Malware, when attacking, can disrupt the efficiency of your systems. This might be because they either stop one of the leading software from working or affect the entire system and cause it to close down.

However, work efficiency will remain in flow if you have a cyber-security system. The system will detect any malware before it becomes harmful and remove it so that you can continue to work efficiently.

2. Protects Personal Info and Your Business

Having a good cyber-security network will benefit the company in many ways. The first benefit will be the protection of personal information. In the present world, the information of a person is their primary asset, and everyone wants the peace of knowing that their data is secured.

With a cyber-security network, the data of all workers will remain secure, giving them a peaceful environment to work in. While the business networking and all information related to it will be free from a breach as well.

3. Protects the Website

One of the main concerns of your business facing a cyber-attack is the downfall of your website. The malware can attack your website, disrupting the company and clients' contact, ultimately leading to severe losses.

However, this can be avoided with a fool-proof cyber security plan, and any massive losses will be saved.

4. Denies Spyware

Other than protecting your systems and websites, cyber security will also deny the occurrence of any spyware. Spywares are a severe threat because they not only enter your systems discreetly but send out data to the cybercriminal without you knowing

Hence, protecting your company from this should be of utmost priority.

Why Might the Cyber-Security Services by HTS be the Best Pick for You?

If the above benefits intrigued you as a business owner and you might be thinking of getting yourself a cyber-security service, then the next step is to find the best service for yourself.

Well, HTS might be of help. We have been providing exceptional cyber security services to many businesses for years now, and here is what makes us stand apart.

1. SonicWall Next-Generation Firewall

One of the firewall protections HTS offers for cyber security is this SonicWall next-generation firewall. This particular firewall will not only detect and remove several breaches but make them unable to attack again.

Besides this, it will protect your website and business data from threat attacks and other phishers, giving you a safe and secure environment to work in.

2. TZ Entry Level Firewall Series

This particular Firewall series offered by HTS will benefit small or branched companies. The series is divided into five beneficial models that can be tuned and adjusted to your specific needs.

So, whatever your requirements are for a security network, depending on the demands of your company, HTS TZ entry-level will quickly deliver it for you.

Besides this, this security firewall will also protect your systems from any threats that can erupt over wireless or wired networking.

3. NSA – Mid Range Firewall Series

This network works best for all companies, whether solo mid-sized, or branched off. The Mid-Range Firewall is the best for your business. The protective server is built on multi-core hardware architecture. It provides exceptional automated advanced threat prevention technologies that will keep your company and websites free from any malware or cybercriminals.

Hence, even if a cyber-attack occurs, it will be removed before it even tries to establish its establishment near your data.


Cyber security is essential for all firms, whether the company is big or small. If the above reasons why cyber-security might work in favor of your company were sufficient to satisfy you, why cyber-security is essential. In that case, we hope HTS and its many firewall services will be your top picks.

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